Early signs appear like this, Alert Hearing Loss

Early signs appear like this, Alert Hearing Loss
There are three hearing loss should be wary.

Early signs appear like this, Alert Hearing Loss

Feel hearing begins to decline and there are other signs? Early signs appear like this, Alert Hearing Loss. Do not delay immediately check to the doctor, it could be due to a problem in your ear.

There are three hearing loss should be wary, the conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, as well as a mixture of both. What is that?

"Conductive hearing loss that is any problem in the outer or middle ear that inhibits hearing the sound. Usually voice could still be heard but weak or muffled. Generally conductive hearing loss does not cause total deafness."

Examples of conductive hearing loss that is their earwax (cerumen), congenital abnormalities, there are foreign objects in the ear canal is clogged, infection of the outer ear and the middle ear, and there is a tumor in the ear.

Meanwhile, sensorineural hearing loss is caused by the loss or destruction of nerve cells (hair cells) in the cochlea and is usually permanent. Examples of congenital deafness in infants, presbycusis (deafness in the elderly due to age), hearing loss due to noise, and middle ear infections.

To this mixture hearing loss is a combination of both disorders described previously. "This disorder is caused by a problem both in the inner ear, or outer and middle ear."

The initial signs of hearing loss who need to be aware that fatigue of having to concentrate while listening, pulled out of talks, always ask others to repeat what he said, and difficult to determine the direction of the sound source.

Hearing Loss in Infants and Children

In infants and children, symptoms of hearing loss should be aware that not surprised when he heard a loud noise, can not mention a single word at the age of one year, and slow learning to talk.

"For infants under 4 months of age, he's not usually turned toward the source of the sound when spoken to. Then realizing one's presence when he saw it, but indifferent time to talk because they do not hear the voice of the person."
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