Listening to Music Too Loud Can Damage Hearing

Listening to Music Too Loud Can Damage Hearing
Listening to Music Too Loud Can Damage Hearing

Listening to Music Too Loud Can Damage Hearing, It's Safe Trick of Physicians

You like listening to music with strong volume? Be careful, this habit can be called damage the auditory system. Listening to Music Too Loud Can Damage Hearing. So how you can still enjoy the music without taking any risks to the ear? Without realizing many daily habits that can cause hearing loss, such as the use of earphones with volume too loud.

The noise of the loud music that can cause an influence on the cochlea or cochlear. This is caused by microtrauma, causing damage to the hair cells. This leads to the onset of rigor to the death of hair cells in the cochlea.

If this happens then it could result in sensorineural hearing loss is permanent. The symptoms can include hearing loss gradually, ringing in the ears, as well as difficult to understand conversations.

"Noisy from rotator noise could threaten hearing loss when played with volume reached 100-105 dB. Especially to the sound of music directly into the ears through earphones, especially if done in a long time,"

Volume ideal for listening to music from a record player

Volume ideal for listening to music from a record player tool is 60 percent of maximum volume, with a total usage for 60 minutes per day. If the volume is more than 60 percent, then the time of use should be less than one hour a day.

If necessary, use special features include earphones 'noise canceling', so that the sound from traveling into the ear. try to listen to music in a quiet place so that the volume does not need to be up to 60 percent. If needed, select a record player equipped limiting noise or noise limiter.
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