3 Keys to a healthy life

3 Keys to a healthy life

Modernistic life is overflowing of stress and routine problems

Modernistic life is overflowing of stress and routine problems. We need to be healthy and full of energy to deal with all of them. Each morning we rush to work and sometimes simply do not have enough time for breakfast. We not even have a minute to realize that skipping deprive our mind and body of vital energy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal and needs to start a new day. You need to eat carbohydrates for breakfast, as they are the best source of energy and not become fat. During lunch, we hurry to the nearest coffee shop and swallow food almost without chewing, because they do not want to be late to work. The fact is that when not decent quid nutrient, can swallow food fragments that are allay too heroic for our tum to crumble down, which can grounds bloating and still painfulness in the breadbasket. Back home after work we eat until we can not move because we skipped breakfast and not eating the right food and the body tries to compensate for the lack of energy. We have a break on the couch watching television. All this is very unhealthy and can cause obesity.

It is not the first key to health:

Food - is very important to think about how and what we eat, because it affects our health and wellbeing lot. No wonder that people pay attention to what they eat more and more, trying to find healthy foods.  supportive intake habits present last our lifespan. For example, during the past 50 years, life expectancy in the US It increased in 8 years to 78, while Japan is hoping the highest average life of 83 years.

Eating Right:
  • corn flakes, oatmeal, eggs - breakfast, which should permit levelheaded carbohydrates Never omit.
  • Drink water - people should take up to 3 liters of pure water. water is also recommended to drink 15 minutes before each meal and 1.5 hours after eating.
  • Eat at least 500 grams of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • Do not eat just before going to bed, and after dinner tries to do some exercises or go for a walk.
  • Try to eat light food for dinner, so your stomach manages to digest before falling asleep.
Not overmuch to compose around rubicund intake, but straight these 5 points faculty change you seek healthier.

Sports - is not a secret, but it does improve your health sports. You do not have to become a champion - doing some exercises every day will help you become fitter and have a positive impact on your mental health and mood. Doubtlessly you will feel greatly improved after a short run or a workout rather than the typical sit in front of the TV.
List of sports that can be engaged in:
  • Running - especially doing first thing in the morning when the air is not hot yet, but fresh and cold to give you enough energy for the next day.
  • Gym - is there anything better than an hour in the gym after a long day of work?
  • Swimming - develops your lungs and makes nearly all the muscles work. You can do swimming once twice per week and join it with some other movement.
  • Yoga - will strengthen your body, and secondly, that will help you achieve peace of mind and body and combat stress.
  • Cycling - is not only useful and healthy, but also fun. You can fortify your body while having a decent time.
Peace of mind - actually our health depends not only on our physical state but in our mind. Even if you are completely physically healthy, but if you always worry about something and feel anxiety, can get very sick. There are known real cases when doctors are unable to cure a particular patient but finally cured by achieving peace of mind and find inner peace.

Tips for improving mood:
  • Do not make a fuss - sometimes we worry too much about anything, which can eventually lead to serious life-threatening diseases. Such concern because the minutiae we bring ourselves to a condition of a disease. Think of a problem compared with life on the whole and certainly will realize that not worth worrying about.
  • Not anxious in the past and the future - the past will not return, the future will not come before. You live today and you should think only of him. Forgetting yesterday, he has learned something new and has experienced something different. Analyze the day at night and move on.
  • Experience few quantify to be unique mentation of your lifetime and your goals. When you create your thoughts leave think easier to centre on your process and communicate with fill around you.
  • Get a pet. Existent with his "respective" small ability pass you play at the category in a varicolored way. Many happy moments faculty get to your invigoration power be pearlescent and forget the worries.
  • Read books - not easy to find a person reading a book, everyone spends his time reading blogs and magazines on Internet social networking sites. Select a production that is absorbing for you and scan before toppling slumberous. It will help you to escape reality and immerse yourself in the story described in the book.
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